Outdoor Blinds

External blinds are a great way to add style and value to your home whilst reducing your energy costs. Direct sunlight onto your windows is what causes your home to heat up, our style of blinds block-out the sun’s rays resulting in a cooler home, by up to 15 degrees during the summer months.

Blinds are also ideal for protecting outdoor entertaining areas. Create a whole new room for your home that you can use all year round and enjoy those unrestricted views while providing privacy and protection from the elements.

Our range of smart, durable fabrics includes:

Traditional canvas – Large design selection with 100% UV block out.
Woven mesh – Blocks out 90% of the sun’s heat without filtering the light and also blocks out wind and rain whilst maintaining your view. Mould resistant and can be retracted when wet.
Clear and tinted plastic – UV treated with 100% wind and rain protection.
Bay Glass has many styles of blinds to complement your home. Choose your control option from manual, winding cranks, ropes, poles or the convenience of motorisation.

Whether it is for your windows, patio or pergola, we can help find a system that will work for you. Come and see our blinds on display in our showroom or call us for some friendly advice or a free measure and quote.


The auto blind is one of the most common awning designs. The blind has self locking arms that operate on guides which are mounted either onto the window architrave or onto the surrounding wall. Simply pull the blind down with the pole to the desired position and to retract pull down and push upwards.

Automatic awnings are available in both canvas and mesh, in a large selection of colours and designs.


The fixed guide awning is an ideal choice for second story applications. They operate on guide bars which are permanently fixed and can be operated with a manual crank, rope and pulley or motorisation. They are very similar to the automatic awning, the only difference being that run directly down on the guides as opposed to sitting out the distance of the arms.


Straight drop blinds are ideal for protecting outdoor entertaining areas from the elements. Add an extra room to your house with this premium blind.

Available in spring, geared and motorised options, with the choice of mesh, canvas and pvc.


Ziptrack® Blinds are a neat and stylish way to transform your outdoor area into an entertaining area you will want to enjoy all year round.

The Ziptrack® system has no cords, zippers or pulleys. It operates on a guided system that locks your blind fabric into special tracks, with no gaps at either side to secure against flapping. Its quick and easy ‘pull down and push up’ action ensures the blind glides up and down smoothly, making operation effortless.

Ziptrack® blinds stop and hold in any position without locks and can be operated manually or by remote control.