Shower Screens

Bay Glass shower screens and bathscreens are custom made to suit individuals needs. Designed with versatility in mind it doesn’t matter if your preference is sliding, over the bath, hinged, framed or a frameless design, Bay Glass will help you create a bathroom your entire family can enjoy.

We take pride in providing our customers with excellence in quality and service and guarantee that all screens are made within the AS1288 Australian Standard.

Get in touch with our friendly team for an obligatory free measure and quote or if you would like more information regarding our shower and bath screens.


Gone are the days when the only way to avoid splashes of water from your bath was a shower curtain. Bath screens are an elegant and hygienic solution to prevent water getting on the floor. Manufactured using 6mm toughened glass with polished edges and a rounded cornered design they are virtually maintenance free and easy to clean. Available in a single and dual panel option which both smoothly fold back onto the wall when not in use.


The Optima is a great choice for the budget conscious or DIY builder. This attractive pre- manufactured shower screen can be installed quickly making it a great choice for an urgent shower replacement. Available in silver or white and clear glass only, it is easy to clean from the inside out and the full door length magnetic strip and clear splash guard on the bottom ensures the perfect seal against water escaping.


The Phoenix / Conventional shower is our fully framed shower enclosure. We believe it is the ultimate family shower screen providing style, longevity and durability. The full length contoured handle is extremely strong and convenient to use with the option of a door gutter allowing excess water to run back into the shower. This unit is also available in a frameless and sill-less option, creating a totally free entry into the shower, perfect for wheelchair access. Available in a range of finishes and styles they offer strength and practicality to the busiest of households.


The semi-frameless shower screen features a fully frameless door for an elegant, spacious feel whilst still offering the stability of a fully framed unit. A magnetic catch ensures the door closes perfectly in line and a uniquely shaped profile on the bottom of the door, directs water back into the shower for ease of cleaning in a modern slimline frame. Available in a range of finishes and styles with the option of a d handle or finger pull, the semi-frameless is manufactured to the highest standards for strength, durability and beauty.


A frameless shower unit will add an element of luxury to any bathroom. The simple idea of using glass without a frame opens up the space in your bathroom by creating light and makes cleaning the glass panels very easy. Manufactured with 10mm safety glass, this unit can be customised to suit most applications.


A single fixed shower panel is becoming a popular option in bathrooms. Using 10mm toughened glass with polished edges, it is attached to the wall and then siliconed to the floor for stability and to stop water leaking. A timeless and virtually maintenance free option for your bathroom.


Bay Glass now offer you the option of treating your newly purchased shower or bath screen with a protective coating called Nanokote.

Nanokote is an anti-stick, easy to clean protective coating. It protects your glass by repelling water and stopping soap scum from absorbing into the glass. We all know over time contaminants in water, soaps and minerals build up and etch into the glass, resulting in that foggy appearance and making cleaning difficult. With Nanokote the water will simply bead and soap scum can be easily wiped free from the surface. Using Nanokote also protects the environment by reducing the need for expensive household cleaning products. A quick wipe with a mild detergent or water is all it will ever need to keep your shower clean and bright for up to 10 years.